Our Story

My dog, Doc, is my family. When he became sick while we were camping in need of immediate medical attention, I felt useless and ill-prepared unable to answer the emergency veterinarians’ questions.

I stared blankly as he asked questions about the last vaccinations and other health-related questions. I didn’t have the answers he needed, it was Friday afternoon and even though the vet we were seeing attempted to get answers by calling our regular vet, the office was closed. There would be no answers until Monday morning.

We couldn’t get any information regarding my dog’s medical history for at least 48 hours. This could have been life or death as well as very costly.

Our story had a good ending albeit more expensive than necessary. Doc was kept overnight, tests were run and released. But I couldn’t help thinking if only I had access to my pets’ records, all the time, anytime and from anywhere. It could save my pets life.

Thus, the birth of mypetrecordsonline.com. I never want another pet owner to feel the sense of helplessness and panic in a time of crisis I had.

Not everyone travels with their pets but many people have pet sitters, go to doggy daycares, have their dogs groomed all of which means that a pet could need care when the owner is not available or is unable to hand over paper records or get in touch with their vet.

With this service, that will never be a concern again. With your unique vet medical record identification code, any vet or anyone you share your code with can access your pet’s records and get the information they need on the spot.


Core Values


  • At mypetrecordsonline.com we believe that taking on a pet is a commitment to provide a great home with lots of love and care until it’s time for your pet to leave you.
  • We realize that an animal cannot make informed decisions. That is your job. No matter how painful and sad the circumstances, your pet looks to you to make tough decisions.
  • We believe pets make a positive contribution to any household, teaching kids responsibility and teaching everyone to laugh.
  • We believe that through helping others keep their pets healthy, we help not only the pet but ourselves as well.
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