Our Story

After my dog became sick while we were camping, I felt completely useless when the local vet began asking me questions about when he last had his vaccinations and other questions about his health. I just stared blankly at the vet while I tried to come up with dates, tests he had had, allergies. It was hopeless. It was late Friday afternoon. The local vet called my vet. That’s right. Closed until the next Monday. We couldn’t get any information regarding my dog’s medical history for at least 48 hours.

Well, the local vet did a tremendous job. He ran some labs and kept him over night. The next day when we picked him up, I made a promise to myself. I would never put my dog or me through this again. I would always bring his medical records with us when we traveled anywhere away from home.

 mypetrecordsonline.com was born. No one should ever have to look at an unfamiliar vet with that blank stare I had. Now any vet, anywhere anytime, can access your pet’s records in minutes.  When we go camping or hiking, I feel so much better knowing that if there is an emergency, I am just a bit more prepared!


Core Values


  • At mypetrecordsonline.com we believe that taking on a pet is a commitment to provide a great home with lots of love and care until it’s time for your pet to leave you.
  • We realize that an animal cannot make informed decisions. That is your job. No matter how painful and sad the circumstances, your pet looks to you to make tough decisions.
  • We believe pets make a positive contribution to any household, teaching kids responsibility and teaching everyone to laugh.
  • We believe that through helping others keep their pets healthy, we help not only the pet but ourselves as well.