What records should I ask my vet to send you?
You don’t have to ask for anything! Once we receive your paid completed enrollment, which includes your signed consent, we do the rest! We contact your vet.
Does my vet have to send the records?

Although we have never had a problem with a request, according to the AVMA Ethics guidelines, the vet is required to provide the records upon request with a signed consent. Again we have never had a problem with a request.

What if my vet gets mad at me or thinks I'm changing vets?
When we first contact your vet, we make it very clear that our request for records is strictly to store them online. We are not a new vet nor are we a vet referral service.
What is your refund policy?
If you change your mind, just notify us in writing via email BEFORE your vet is contacted. We will refund the purchase price in full. Once your vet has been contacted, the policy becomes No Refunds.
Can I pay monthly instead of all at one time?
We hope to offer that option in the future. At this time we do not bill monthly.
Can I upgrade my account at any time?
Should you need to upgrade before your annual renewal, contact us via email. We will be happy to pro rate the upgrade.
What if something happens to my pet before the annual membership fee is due?
Should circumstances change with you and your pet, contact us via email. We will determine what documentation is needed at that time. Our policy is to offer a pro-rated refund only in the event of the death of your pet. We hope that doesn’t happen.
What if someone else has the same pet name as mine? Will the records get mixed up?

No. Upon the paid completion of your account, you are assigned a unique seven digit number that serves as a medical record number.

Who can access the records and how do they do it?

Anyone you authorize can view the records. You provide the service provider with your unique medical record number. They go to our website where they will find a Service Providers Portal. All they have to do is sign in, enter the medical record number; the records will appear on their screen. If you prefer, you can access the records from your smart phone or tablet and show them yourself. This does not cost the service provider or you any additional money. The records can be viewed as many times as you like.


What happens if I see another vet or my pet’s status changes?
Just drop us an email. We’ll let you know if you need to sign a new consent. We will contact the new provider and add the new records to your file.

Should you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please email us. We will respond within 24 hours we pride ourselves on our friendly prompt customer service.

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