“I know what people want, My gift is the ability to give it to them. I am Doc ”

I was born on Valentine’s day, 2012. I had a lot of brothers and sisters. One afternoon, this lady came. She kept looking at me. I guess she thought I was cute.  Anyway, she sat down. I waddled over to her. She was sitting on the grass. I tried so hard to climb up on her but I was just a tiny thing. I thought my name was “Runt” for the longest time.  She reached down, picked me up, looked me right in the eye, and gave me a squeeze. She smiled so big! I licked her face and it was a done deal. I went home with her and boy am I glad I did.”

As Doc started to grow, it became obvious he was somehow different. He spent a lot of time in front of mirrors, gazing at himself, making different faces. Somehow he knew instinctively when any kind of camera was within 50 feet. He put on his best “I am too cute “ look and photo bomb at every opportunity.  “ I am most happy when being photographed or having my belly rubbed.”

Diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it was clear Doc believed he was destined to be adored by the masses. “Why not? The camera LOVES me. After all I am Doc.”  We gave up any hope of a normal life and let him throw himself into the pursuit of shallow, trivial, pointless opportunities. When he won the Bear Cub of the Year Award of 2013, His speech was brief, “I know what people want, My gift is the ability to give it them.”

We were lucky to convince Doc to take charge over here at We had to promise him his own Instagram account and You Tube channel.  Doc would be thrilled if you would follow his  channel as he deliverers’ news, information and general obnoxious advice while he shamelessly pitches for and. After all He is Doc! lola taylor bangs her hairy muff with giant dildo. site mallu sex