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Tips on What to do Stabilize Your Pet in an Emergency

What You Receive

  • A  5 and 1/2 inch magnet with pet emergency first aid tips to help stabilize your pet while seeking professional medical attention.

  • Four wallet-size cards with unique medical record number.

  • Instructions on how to access your pet’s records

  • Access to medical records and current vaccinations.

  • Smart phone friendly so you can access shot records on your phone.

  • 24-hour support

Now that Lexi is getting up there in years, we have had to involve specialists in her care. She sees three different vets. After every visit I let them know at That’s it. That’s all I do. Next time we are at a different vet, no problem.  All the current records are in one place online. The vets love it. I love it and best of all; it insures Lexi consistent loving care each time. After all there may be three vets but there is only one Lexi!

Denise and Lexi

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