Now that Lexi is getting up there in years, we have had to involve specialists in her care. She sees three different vets. After every visit I let them know at That’s it. That’s all I do. Next time we are at a different vet, no problem.  All the current records are in one place online. The vets love it. I love it and best of all; it insures Lexi consistent loving care each time. After all there may be three vets but there is only one Lexi! Denise and Lexi

My schedule was very tight when I rushed into doggie day care with my dog. At check-in I was asked for shot records. Ugh. There went my schedule. Now I have the records online with and will not be aggravated again.  I can produce the records any place, anywhere, any time. Alyssa and Titan

Rocky and I were out on our weekend hike. I lost track of him for a moment. Then I heard that horrible sound of a dog in pain. I raced over to him. Rocky’s leg was caught between two rocks. I flipped. I carried him to my car, called my vet. He was closed. I had to take him to an Emergency Animal Hospital. As soon as I got to the front desk, I handed them the card with Rocky’s medical record number. They looked it over. They had never used the service before. They were stoked when all they had to do was go to the website and they could pull up all his current medical records. I was so glad I had taken the 5 minutes to register Rocky on It really paid off that day! Rocky’s fine. No break just a bad sprain and I have one less thing to stress about when we are out. Bryan and Rocky

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